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The House


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The House


Created in 2019, KIRU'MONO is a blend of African culture, Japanese aesthetics and French elegance.


It is on the occasion of a trip to Guadeloupe that comes the idea to Mademoiselle Jan to make a kimono in African fabric. Faced with the craze generated by this garment from Orly airport to Guadeloupe, the Afro-Japanese brand KIRU'MONO was created with the Kimono as the main theme.


Its models are unique and 100% French, from the fabric to the workshop.

The kimono of Mademoiselle Jan is a daring bet and proves that this garment arrived in Japan in the 7th century, whose name means "thing worn" develops in the 14th century.

It is then adopted by all and adapted by KIRU'MONO.


KIRU'MONO wants its kimono to be worn beyond the home and become an everyday garment where everyone can feel like themselves.


This company with a young and modern vision aims to design the best products while controlling the origin of raw materials in the respect of fair trade. The values and traditions of each are preserved.

It opts for a de-carbonized transport and a controlled use of primary resources.

All his creations are designed and made in France.
Combining Japanese aesthetics, African culture and French elegance
it is the daring bet of the Afro-Japanese brand KIRU'MONO.

This House with a young and modern vision
aims to design the best parts
while controlling the origin of
raw materials with respect
fair trade.

La maison
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Miss Jan

Mademoiselle Jan is the creator of KIRU'MONO mixed brand,  ethical, ethnic and sustainable.

Passionate about Kimonos, this garment represents for her the quintessence of elegance and refinement. Mixing it with ethnic fabrics is a tribute to Lucia, her great-grandmother, Isabelle, her grandmother, and Catherine, her mother, who wore them in all circumstances.

She is inspired both by Madame CJ Walker for her tenacity and relentlessness; by Diana Vreeland for her elegance and her atypical career and by Wangari Muta for her contribution to sustainable development.

Mademoisele Jan

French made

Artisanal and French manufacturing
of his creations makes them unique,
so the  location of workshops based
in Paris allows quality control.

Fabrication Française
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